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Hi there John, I already have a photo library website but haven't been able to automate purchases from it. ie client clicks on thumbnail photo with watermark over it with request, client gets automated invoice, client pays into bank account, watermark is released and image at 300dpi is automatically despatched. Site also requires option of purchasing high resolution images to be sent via post, for use as posters, murals and billboards etc. How do I find a person who can do this and what would be the approximate cost?
I would very much appreciate your reply.

Im not sure if I understand your question exactly but correct me if I am wrong.  You are asking how to take a library of images and create a website that allows people to purchase them online?  And you want to know who can create something like this and how much?

If I am correct, the following is your answer.  If I am not correct, please clarify for me.

Actually there are ways that you can do this for free if you use opensource content management software that is available... such as Wordpress and plugins.  For example, you can install wordpress on a hosting account and use woocommerce plugin to run an online that store that allows virtual purchases.  Then people simply pay for the images (previewing the watermarked versions) and then is given a download link upon completing the purchase.  

However, considering that this can get really complicated to setup (if you have never done this before) you may want to opt into having someone do all this for you.  But you have the time to read through the help files and learn how to do this, it wont cost you anything (other than your hosting and domain name that is)

IF you prefer someone else does it, the cost greatly varies from developer to developer.  I can only quote my own cost of approx. $250 (give or take depending on details that would have to be discussed).  You may also be able to save money by seeking a developer on to do this for you because on there, developers bid against each other to get your business....  be warned though, that place is not very reliable becuase you'll often get a lot of people claiming to be able to do the job but are just trying to pass off as a developer in order to get your money.... then they try to hire people to do it cheaper than what you paid them.  In the end you end up getting a job poorly done.  It's best to seek someone directly or read the developer's comments and reviews on carefully.

John Martin

I hope this answers your question.  Please let me know if I stray from the original question or misunderstoof it.

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