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Hello and Thank you!  I use the follow simple html code to swap images:  <img src="details1.png"

my question is this- instead of using "onmouseout", can details2 be set to display for a set time period, like 5 seconds, and then automatically revert back to details1.

The reason I would like to do this is because the mouseover doesn't work well on mobile devices- details2 stays up until you tap on another image on the page..

I'm hoping that there is a simple html comand to replace "onmouseout"

To do something like this, you'll first need to add a small bit of Javascript to your page's header like this...

<script type="text/javascript">
if (document.images)
var image_off = new Image();

var image2 = new Image();


function change1(picName,imgName,delay){
if (document.images && imgName)
change1['timer'+picName]=setTimeout(function(){change1(picName,imgName);}, delay);
} else
document[picName].src = imgName.src;


Then your mouseover and mouseout code in the body of the page should look like this...

<img name="pic1" src="details1.png" alt=""
onmouseover="change1('pic1', image2)"
onmouseout="change1('pic1', image_off, 5000)">

Then set your mouseout delay time as seen just above.  5000 = 5 seconds.

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