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i have been looking for solution to this questions until i saw this site and the solutions it experts could provide.please,how do i insert words that shows what information that is needed usually put in forms so that people who is visiting my site would be able to erase the words in the form and put there own there.and how do i make my web icon browse the system my site visitors is using in order for them to upload a file.again,how do i make images/graphics to be moving on my page in line such as one is moving to the right endside of the page it start again from the right side of the page,would i be using adobe flash for the graphics.i would appreciate my message consideration and answer in good time.thanks for your patience.

Hello -

To define what you want in a form field go to the following example found at the W3Schools.  The w3Schools is a free site with hands on examples to learn coding.  Very easy to use.

Web icon browse system, I believe you want to know the operating system of your site visitors.

You will need to use Java Script for this feature.

Sorry I can't help with Adobe Flash which is a helper application or plug-in which can be added to web pages using the <object> or <embed> tag.

      I hope this helps.  

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