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Hi Nancy,

I'm having a problem with a web page I'm building. I've set up my code so that a PDF with a watermark opens in a separate window. It works fine in the browsers on my Mac (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

However, on Firefox v27.0.1 on a PC, the page is blank -- but the watermark displays!

I've emptied the cache on the PC, re-uploaded the PDF on my site, re-saved the PDF as a new file -- whatever I could think of -- but the page is still blank (except the watermark which displays). I should note that the page displays fine on Internet Explorer, on the PC.

Any ideas why this is happening?


Jeff - each browser reads code differently.  This is and has been an ongoing issue for developers.  The following link to the W3c will give you an idea of what each browser supports.

The W3c develops web standards.

I am not sure why a PDF would open showing only the watermark.

There is a similar issue with printing found at the following...

I would do a little more research on the Adobe site.


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