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Hi Nancy

I'm planning to add 9 pages of mp3 audio voice lessons (138 files) to my html 4 English Teaching website, but have been unable to get them to play in IE and Firefox. (They all play well in Chrome.)

I've tried using simple code in the pages (e.g. <a href="audio/listening-exercise-armstrong.mp3">)
Also, I've tried declaring the page html 5 and played with using
<audio controls>
 <source src="listening-exercise-armstrong.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">
 <source src="listening-exercise-armstrong.ogg" type="audio/ogg">
 <embed height="50" width="100" src="listening-exercise-armstrong.mp3">

However, it just isn't that simple. The mp3s didn't play in IE and Firefox and threw the page out of whack. (I don't know html 5.) In offline testing, both of these codes only worked well in Chrome. (But, IE wants to download it to my browser and nonsupportive Firefox will cop out and call the file corrupt.)
So far, I have not looked into any simple embedded players.

The basic aim is that the student user should simply read a line or two of text, click on the text link and hear the file played - in any of the three browsers. Any suggestions to resolve this issue?

Thanks for your consideration,

Frank - there are compatibility issues between browsers, it is almost impossible to have all work in all browsers.

The following may be helpful.

along with

The W3 defines HTML and is an excellent source.

We often have to put a disclaimer that something is best viewed in a certain browser.


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