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I have a web page:!the-planets-piano-transcription/c199t
and I have put all the key words in the SEO settings. (For example "planets" "Piano transcription" "Jupiter" etc.) But when I do a Google search using some of the key words, this webpage doesn't show up in the results. I'm wondering why, and did I miss an important step? Thanks.

David, I looked at the source of your page.  

It is different than what I am familiar with. I would review the meta tags and revise.

It is important to know that this is the World Wide Web - There are millions if not billions of web pages.  To that end to be found by a search engine you have to be unique, your site has to have been up for awhile, you have to have been spidered by the search engines.  

I also see that you are using a free web service and your web URL is unusual - I don't know if all Wix sites pick the web URL or if you chose it.

You can see the difference between something like, or and the link to your site, so you will not be benefiting from your URL as it relates to a search engine .

I see the title of your home page is


I am thinking the title of your page should be "Transcription | David Rubinstein"

The W3schools define HTML, their site is totally free and is the resource  you need for creating a website.

I would suggest you review, it will be very helpful.

The best way, under these circumstances, to get your site found is to promote it through friends and social media.

I apologize for not responding sooner, I did not see this email.
All the best.

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