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There so many options out there for web design software.  I have my own little web site ( home office sales) and I'd like to upgrade it as it is about 15 years old.  

Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for a good software, easy yet good and inexpensive, for me to do the work myself?

Thank you,   Gabriel

ANSWER: Hi - i did a bit of checking with a group of web designers who all use different methods.  The one suggestion that might work is Expression Web. It is a Microsoft product, free download, came recommended.  It was the replacement for Microsoft Front page and based on Dreamweaver approach.

I actually use Dreamweaver but it is very expensive.  I also use XARA which is affordable but it is out of the UK.  I really like it and have used it for years -

I made the following site with XARA

It does come down to personal preference and your needs.  The XARA site I created is never going to have a lot of pages.  The Genealogy sites of use Dreamweaver for have hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages.  It will also come down to how much web design skill you have and if you want the authoring tool to do it all or do you want to create your own CSS file, as in the following page I created in Dreamweaver using CSS.

Wix claims to be a free site and it was suggested based on someone else's experience. I do not know anything about it -

I would consider doing a browser search for ratings or examples on each of the above .  

Sorry it took me awhile we have been out of service.

All the best.


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Thank you very much for a detailed answer.   Interestingly, i did purchase and I have XARA Ver. 8.   vVer. 8. about 2 years ago??

Never used it though.   Maybe it is time...   Is there MUCH difference between Ver. 8  and the current one,  ver. 11?  This is  for a simple yet nice web site for my home office.  I also want it to bbe compatible with smart phones...

AAlso, this never brought me to your web site... I wonder why...

I made the following site with XARA  

Aagain I thank you much,     Gabriel

Hi - well had I given you the correct URL, it would have helped, I was in catch up mode and let the autofil take over.

XARA automatically makes the sites smart phone compatible.  I am using 10 not 11 and have used the previous versions.  There are some differences for sure, but the concept remains the same, they do have tutorials which are very helpful and their support is very good.

Hopefully I have given you the correct url this time.


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