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I hope you feel good.
I need your help.
I'm going to launch a website that is updated on news, movies and series.
Movie news, trailers, posters and more. . . These are issues that I'm going to put on the website.
I need your help to tell me what colors I use in design
Thank you so much for your response

Color harmony is the science and art of putting together colors that look good.

Color theory is part biology, physics  psychology  and geometry.  One thing I love about playing with color harmony is how simultaneously mathematical and emotional it can be.

Basically, if you take the color wheel which is the spectrum arranged in a circle, you can come up with basic harmonies by using angles and symmetry.

Monochromatic: One hue with various tints and/or shades

Analogous: Hues next to each other on the color wheel

Complementary: Hues opposite each other on the color wheel

Double-Complementary: Two different hues and their complementing hues

Split Complementary: A hue plus two hues equidistance from the first hues complementary

Triadic: Three hues equidistance from each other

Accented Analogous: A hue, its complement and its analogous hues

Tetradic: Two hues and their complements, equidistance from each other

Every culture in the world has different and definite meaning or reaction to colors. This is why, if your website is to be for a local, regional or worldwide clientele, you must chose wisely. Consider these:


Cultural Context: I think we can all agree that color has no gender and that social context plays a role.

Perceptual effects: The effects of simultaneous contrast and color association on the emotional level—an example of this would be red being perceived as romantic, exciting, sensual or signaling danger. These are learned and affected by culture but not in the blatant way that Cultural Context (CX) affects perception. In another example, the perception of color is based on the name its given. When presented with the color brown, labeled as such, more people said they did not like the color when compared to a group who was presented with the same color brown but labeled as “mocha”.

Effects of Time in Social Trends: This is similar to cultural context with emphasis placed on time-based trends.

It is wise to chose carefully the colors. A monochromatic design or bichromatic design will not confuse your visitor. You will then be able to design your navigation buttons and selection button in a color that stands out.

Check these website about colors:,bg=333333

There are many others but stick to 1 or 2 beacuse it can become confusing and time wasting.

Good luck ! Let me know if this helps.

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