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My website is  This is my first website and I had to do php to just change the button text to read free quote in the top slider! The developers made it very tough to make changes. I think you need to know php to change the link address but not sure.

I was trying to use the same popup used when you click in any of the services offered sections. I used popup by supstytic. Problem is that it gives you code to enter in a menu item which it is not part of or a page, which is not part of a page. I also want to create popup windows when you click on any of the portfolio items further down the page but that's an issue for later. My goal is to keep my website to one page and have popups instead of new pages when you click something. I don't know where to turn because I only had one volunteer on Wordpress forums try to help but his ideas are not working. Do you have any ideas?

Melissa - Your website does not make it clear what you are trying to offer.  To be honest after trying to explore it I ended up almost dizzy with everything flying in and out.

I would take a moment and step back.  Do an internet search of  websites that fit the criteria that you expect your site to be.  In other words search for your site, find 10 you really like and 10 you don't.  Determine what it is you really like and the sites that very clearly show what they are selling.

For the most part the first/home page of a website is usually the size of the monitor without scrolling.  The bit of information that is on your site is hidden and easily missed with the popups .  

WordPress is not the easiest to work with as everything is a plug in. Most plugins offer very little support and the support if any is simply a forum of user's .

Make your site work one step at a time.  When you select a plugin read the reviews, how many users and what is the support.


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