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I am sorry but I gave the wrong code before I needed help with.

If I use this code
<p style="background:red; color:yellow; font-family:arial; font-size:150%;">Then I type all my text here.</p>

It show up good .
The text is Yellow and it has a Bacground color of RED.

It looks like the text is ontop of a RED Background.

Now if I use this code to get text to go on the right side of and image at the top right hand side it works. But it does not show the RED Background why?

<img src="Robert.jpg" align="Left" width="25%>
<p style="background:red; color:yellow; font-family:arial; font-size:150%;">

Do the two codes not go togather?

It does put my text all the way at the top right of the image and looks good.

But it does not have the RED Background that the first code I gave does.

Can you tell me why?

It should work.
Perhaps try with a different font-size. The image takes 25% of the page width and the space taken by the paragraph may be too much.

This looks like one occasion where I would just try 100 different solutions as I do not really know why.

Good luck

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