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QUESTION: I am using this code to get Text to go right down the side of an Image
<img src=”Robert.jpg” align=”right” /> Then I type my Text here.

But nothing shows up at all.

The Text the Image nothing.

What am I not doing?

ANSWER: Hello Bob,
Me again.

Here another code you should try. The DIV containing the text and the picture is floated left so the text will be to the right as it is declared after the image.
The paragraph <p></p> is above because it is declared before.

Copy and paste this code:

img {
   float: left;
   margin: 0 0 10px 10px;

<p>In this example, the image will float to the right in the paragraph, and the text in the paragraph will wrap around the image.</p>

<p><img src="robert.jpg" alt="Robert" width="100" height="140">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus imperdiet, nulla et dictum interdum, nisi lorem egestas odio, vitae scelerisque enim ligula venenatis dolor. Maecenas nisl est, ultrices nec congue eget, auctor vitae massa. Fusce luctus vestibulum augue ut aliquet. Mauris ante ligula, facilisis sed ornare eu, lobortis in odio. Praesent convallis urna a lacus interdum ut hendrerit risus congue. Nunc sagittis dictum nisi, sed ullamcorper ipsum dignissim ac. In at libero sed nunc venenatis imperdiet sed ornare turpis. Donec vitae dui eget tellus gravida venenatis. Integer fringilla congue eros non fermentum. Sed dapibus pulvinar nibh tempor porta. Cras ac leo purus. Mauris quis diam velit.</p>


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: OK I did use this code
<img align="Right" src=”Robert.jpg”>
Then I Type Text Here.

And my Text shows up but no Image.

I did get this code to work a fue weeks ago.

And I did not need a DIV Tag or CSS code.

Do you have any Thoughts?

Hello Bob,

Well, I cannot find anywhere the img align code anywhere in the standard coding manuals or sites.
All I can find is text align which is not waht you are looking for I think. Anyway I would use float.

It may be an issue with your browser. Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions do not support the align-items property and Safari 7.0 (and newer) supports an alternative, the -webkit-align-content property.

Use the float instead and see if it works better for you.

Good luck.

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