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I found this code on the Internet to get Text to Wrap arount an Image
<img aling="Left" src=”Robert.jpg”>

It does not Wrap Text or even show Text or even show Image.

I then try
<img src=”Robert.jpg” float:Right;'>

This wont work and wont even show Text or image.

And the Image is in the same Folder as the HTML file.

How should I type this coad?


Hello Bob,

You have a spelling error in your code (aling instead of align)
You write left with a capital L.
Check that your image name is Robert with a capital R.

Here is what I would try first.

give your photo a class with float:left;and a margin.
Give your div or content an ID with the same float:left;and margin.

The CSS code would be like:

#page #content .photo {
  margin:0 20px 20px 0;

You can add a title on top of your photo by writing a h2 /H2 before de photo code

Play with that and see if it works for you. It does for me.


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