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What led to American individualism?

Hi Lauren,
I know very little about De Tocqueville, but here's my take on American individualism. Many early colonists to America came here because they felt left out of European society in one way or another. Europe was very established by the 1600 and 1700s, and the way to get ahead was by cooperating with those in power. Not everyone who wanted to better themselves could access those in power. Frustration can lead to conflict, and in this case, people who could not get ahead through cooperation became less inclined to cooperate and struck out on their own.

Once in America, colonists found themselves without much of the supporting infrastructure they were used to in Europe. The government was less established and less capable in the colonies, and people learned to solve their problems by themselves. Once in the habit of making one's own decisions, a person is not likely to give up that freedom and accept being told what to do.

Hope this answers your question,   C.M.

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