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In your opinion, who are the most notable outlaws in American history?

Hi William,
I'm drawn to those outlaws who in their own day were seen as folk heroes, individuals fighting the corrupt machine. In the early 1930s there was Bonnie and Clyde and also the Dillinger Gang including Machine Gun Kelly and Baby Face Nelson. Both gangs were seen as fighting the banks and other big businesses that had caused the Depression.

Many in the James-Younger Gang had been Confederate guerrillas during the Civil War. The war had brought about really big banks, railroads, etc for the first time in America. Individuals who had grown up in simpler times before the war began to feel alienated. By robbing railroads and banks, the James-Younger Gang was seen as fighting back against the machine.

Billy the Kid was only an outlaw because his faction lost the battle for political and economic power in Lincoln County. For decades after his death Billy was a folk hero in New Mexico because he fought back.


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