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How were the Han China and Roman Empires similar? How were they different?

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Both the Han and Roman Empires had very well organized beaucracies.  Both had societies based on the family and were patriarchal.  Both excelled in engineering (aqueducts, Great Wall, etc) and relied heavily on the upper class (Rome - patricians, China - landed gentry).  Both empires had vast trade networks facilitated by their systems of roads.

The organiation of the Roman system of government based on classical teachings and Roman law.  Early empire was paganistic and worshipped the emperor as a god, later moved toward adoption of Christianity.  Rome's economy included extensive mining.  Proximity to large bodies of water allowed expansion to other continents.

The organization of the Han system of government based on the teachings of Confucius.  Dominant religions were Confucianism and Daoism, with later introduction of Buddhism.  Mining in China was neglible.  Geography such that most expansion was inland.

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