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I have a project due and I need to know what effect president  William McKinley had during the Progressive Ear?  My time period would be from 1877-1920.


Hi Sasha,
I find very little of the progressive in William McKinley. The Progressive Era is generally thought to have begun with Theodore Roosevelt, the next president after McKinley. While governor of Ohio in the early 1890s, McKinley did favor resolving disputes between business and labor, which might be a progressive issue. As president he is remembered mostly for the Spanish-American War. On domestic policy he favored the Gold Standard which gave an advantage to banks and other big businesses and put farmers and the working class at a disadvantage. His trade policy was dominated by tariff reform. A tariff is a tax on imports. Tariff reform was not new in the 1890s. It had been a hot button issue in American politics for almost 100 years. While progressive presidents like T. Roosevelt and Wilson had weaker records on civil rights, McKinley's record on civil rights was also less than stellar.

Hope this helps,   C.M.

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