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Can you please explain/describe to me exactly what this quote means: "If you don't like the past, change it" - by William L. Burton
and who's exactly the "William L. Burton" who wrote this quote?
because there are many with the same name, so I couldn't figure who is he !
With all due respect, I really need a full explanation of the quote as soon as possible for my presentation tomorrow !
Thank you.


Hi Afra,
I also googled William L. Burton and came up with several results. The most likely is the historian who wrote "Melting Pot Soldiers" in 1987.

"If you don't like the past, change it" probably refers to the tendency of people to believe what they wish to believe. It could also be an encouragement to other historians to research and find proof that current interpretations of the past are wrong and to publish a revisionist work with the truth.

Good luck with your presentation.


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