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QUESTION: Can you name any famous female soldiers/warriors who were also royalty? Thanks!

ANSWER: Women in combat has been rather unusual for most of modern history.  It is even more unusual for female royalty.  However, there are a few cases.

Queen Elizabeth I, was in charge of the British army during her reign.  However, she did not enter combat herself.  Her leadership was limited to reviewing the troops in the field and delivering inspiring speeches.

Britain did, however, have a real warrior queen if you go back quite a few more centuries.  Queen Budicca of the Iceni tribe of Britain led her tribe against Roman occupation.  She fought many battles, including burning London, before she was eventually defeated and killed.

Another example might be Penthesilea, who according to legend, led the Amazon warriors at the battle of Troy.

There is also Queen Artemisia who fought a naval battle allied with Persia against Athens.

Some evidence also exists of a Mayan Warrior Queen from the 7th Century AD.  Her name was Kalomt'e K'Abel, but is better known as "Lady Snake Lord".  Unlike many other warrior queens.  She did not inherit leadership from her husband when he died.  According to available information, her husband was alive and she ruled over him as well.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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QUESTION: I remember reading in older article on Wikipedia that the TV character Xena inspired by roman or Spanish princess but this info was deleted. Who did I read about?
Thank you!

I'm not sure that there was any real life basis for Xena.  Xena was based in ancient Greece.  In Greek Mythology, the only female warriors are the Amazons.  Xena had some contact with Amazons in the show, but was not one of them.  I am also not familiar with any others in Spanish or Roman mythology.  There are several female goddesses in Greek or Roman mythology who go into battle, but not any humans.

To my knowledge, Xena is a complete work of fiction not based on any other real or mythological character.

- Mike  

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