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QUESTION: Is the ancient Greek practice of Necromanteion, Nekyia or Necromancy associated with a similar-sounding name of god and with the practice of Wicca it self?
Also what is the story of the water goddess Panope, and the myth the myth about Alcyone who waited for her loves' return at Alcyonian Lake?

ANSWER: Hello,

The terms you listed are all associated with the attempted practice of communicating with or raising the dead.  In ancient Greec, Necromanteion was a temple to Hades, god of the dead.  Nekyia was a rite designed to speak with the dead about the future.  Necromancy was a term used more frequently in the middle ages on to refer to speaking with or raising the dead.  The term does not refer to a god, but rather the Greed words for dead and divination.  Many other religious groups, including Wiccans sometimes practice rites or rituals designed to communicate with the dead as wll.

Alcyone is a Greek story about a woman whose husband was killed at sea (some myths say killed by Zeus) and who drowned herself after hearing the news or in some accounts finding the body washed ashore.  Alcyonian Lake was an ancient lake thought to be bottomless and providing an entry to the underworld, not really associated with the myth of Alcyone itself.

Panope (soemetimes spelled Panopea or Panopeia) is a minor water nymph often associated with sighting land from the sea.  She was sometimes worshiped or at least prayed to by seamen or fishermen lost at sea.

I hope this helps!
- Mike

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QUESTION: This is a follow up to a question I asked you ten months ago. Do you know anything about a Greek god called Nekros Kidemonas/ Here's listed at this link here: Is he associated with the practice of Wicca it self?

I've never heard of such a god in Greek mythology.  Of course, the Greek god of the dead is Hades and the the realm of the dead is defended by Cerberus (or Kerberos) who resembled a three headed dog.

I don't pretend to be a great expert on Wicca generally, but I don't think Wiccans tend to believe in various gods for the control of the dead or much else.  Wiccan beliefs can vary widely, but my understanding that some at least believe the dead can communicate directly with the living.  There may be some belief in some spirits who guard the dead, but I've never heard that particular name associated with any such spirit.


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