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If Titanic didn't sink what kind of service life would you predict to her and how would it affect the passenger shipping industry as a whole because new safety regulations wouldn't have been made to protect future passengers from these kinds of accidents? And becausw people thought Titanic was unsinkable they were arrogant and that arrogance was wiped away by the sinking of the Titanic, would that arrogance have continued till the sinking of the would be Gigantic in this alternate outcome?

If the ship had not have sunk, she would have had a similar life cycle to her sister ship Olympic of twenty to thirty years.  The industry standard of the time was to steam the ships full-ahead into iceberg-laden waters.  This tends to be self-correcting, given enough time.

There was no "arrogance" in the engineering of the Titanic any more than there was "arrogance" building the World Trade Center the way they did.  Engineers do not necessarily consider the weaknesses of the engineering but rather the strength and innovation of their creations when they build them.

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