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which colony would you want to settle in? jamestown or new england?
explain by comparing and contrasting.
analyze how demographic factors, location, motives affect their respective success.
thank you....


Of the original settlers, neither was a particularly good choice as the majority of both died from starvation, disease, or Indian attack.  Only about 10% of the population of Jamestown survived the first year.  Hard work was forced on both populations as well.  So if you were talking about being in the first group, it was probably better to be with the Pilgrims in New England.  However, after a few years, life was probably more comfortable in Virginia.

New England had much colder winters, but summers were worse in Jamestown with the heat.  The land was swampy and mosquitoes were terrible.

New England was also settled by strict religious fundamentalists.  Music, dancing, and theater were all banned.  Even Christmas celebration was made illegal for a time. If you were not a strong religious believer, you would probably be happier in Jamestown.

New England made it easier for poor working people to obtain their own land.  In Jamestown, land was much harder to obtain unless you came from a wealth aristocratic family.  So if you were poor and wanted to be a land owner, New England might be a better choice.

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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