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2. Which of the following is NOT true about Benito Mussolini?
A)He was the first person in Italy to be known as Il Duce, "The Leader."
B)He began as a socialist journalist.
C)His Fascist Party inspired Adolf Hitler in Germany.
D)He cut a deal with the pope in the Vatican that helped both Mussolini's power and the Catholic Church.
3. Until Mussolini's Fascist government in the 1920s, the pope _____ the united Italian state.
A)was a strong supporter of B)opposed
C)lived in France in exile from D)was the true leader of
4. Which description of totalitarianism is accurate?
A)A form of government in which all citizens must work together in agriculture to feed the country
B)The form of government specific to Stalin's Soviet Union
C)A form of government in which power is totally in the hands of the people
D)A form of government in which the state has control over every aspect of human life
5. Which of the following statements about the Great Depression is NOT true?
A)The Great Depression followed a period of a booming and promising U.S. economy. B)Suicide and crime rates rose dramatically during that era.
C)President Hoover's "New Deal" led the country out of the Great Depression. D)The Stock Market Crash of 1929 triggered the Great Depression in the U.S.
6. Which statement about Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal is correct?
A)The New Deal was socialism and nationalized private businesses.
B)The New Deal created Social Security and the Securities Exchange Commission.
C)The New Deal did nothing to control banking or stock trading.
D)The New Deal was a right-wing nationalist movement similar to Mussolini's Fascism.
7. Franklin D. Roosevelt _____.
A)proposed the New Deal together with his "Brain Trust"
B)came from the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party
C)was elected president of the U.S. four times
D)All of the answers are correct.
8. In the 1920s Adolf Hitler's Nazi party _____.
A)tried to take control of the German government just as Mussolini had taken over Italy but did not succeed
B)won elections, outlawed other parties, and began running Germany in an un-democratic fashion
C)only had a few hundred dedicated members
D)All answers are correct.
9. A group of intellectuals called _____, helped FDR's New Deal and came up with ideas to restructure the U.S. economy.
A)the FDIC B)the Works Progress Administration
C)the Brain Trust D)the New Dealers
10. Within seven months of his appointment as Chancellor of Germany, Hitler had _____.
A)dissolved Parliament and made all political parties illegal except for the Nazi Party. B)begun calling himself "Führer"
C)forbidden Jews from working in the government
D)All answers are correct.
11. Members of German organizations under Adolf Hitler, including the Hitler Youth, the military, and all civil service workers _____.
A)had to take an oath pledging their life to Hitler, the "savior of Germany"
B)had to be at least 18
C)were forced to adopt anti-Semitism
D)All answers are correct.

2. By exclusion it has to be A since all the other alternatives are correct.
3. I do not understand the question as it is written. You have to explain to me what is meant and what you want answered.
4. D.
5. C.
6. B.
7. D.
8. A. (B is close to be correct but not completely so, the party did not win a majority of its own in the German Parliament, Reichstag and in the 1920ies it was a SMALL party in the parliament).
9. This I do not know, but I'm NOT a specialist of American history!
10. A.
11. Probably C since Hitler Youth could be younger than 18 and B & D are therefore excluded and I can not remember that civil servants had to swear a personal oath to Hitler. The military, nazi organizations like the SS, the police & Gestapo had to though.

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