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Now I have to do another assignment for my AP U.S History class.  My teacher told us to do an outline for the first two chapters of the textbook.  He didn't give us the textbook, instead he photocopied the pages, then stapled them together.  So there's a total of 42 pages, well I outlined the whole thing like I was supposed to, now I haven't edited it yet, but all together I have 22 pages with 5,322 words.  Now then my friend tells me that just for chapter 1 he only did 3 pages, meaning if he goes at that pace that hell have only six pages all together for both chapters, also meaning I did too much.  So can you tell me how many pages and words I should have for an outline of 2 textbook AP US History chapters?  Thank you

Hi Matthew,

It's ok to have a more detailed outline.  But the real point of an outline is to summarize the material.  If your outline is half the size of the text, that seems a little excessive.  For a 42 page reading, I would think a 6-10 page outline would be reasonable.  

I hope this helps!
- Mike  

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