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Hello my name is Ariel and I have 3 pieces of art from Guiseppe Zocchi they were from 1754 in Tuscany Italy I believe, I can an only send two of them cause that's all it allows me. I'm hoping you're the right person and if not could you possibly direct me to the right person. I would love to know more about these pieces and possibly know if you could tell me what they might be worth if you can or direct me to where I can find out. I believe that they are reprints of course and probably not worth much.


The both certainly appear to be works by Zocchi.  The first is of the Cathedral in Florence.  The other is the The Piazza della Signoria in Florence.  I believe the Cathedral was originally done as  a monocolor etching, so it appears that someone colorized the copy you have.

I am fairly confident that you have reprints as the originals are well known and have been copied frequently.  The original works are worth over $1 million each.  Reprint values vary widely depending on the size, quality, and condition of the item.  A larger good quality reprint in good condition could be worth more than $100, even more if it has a decent frame.  If these were original reprints from the 1700's they could of course be worth considerably more.  But I suspect that is not the case here.  

But if you want a proper appraisal, you would have to take them to someone who could examine the originals.  They would likely have to find an expert in your area who could examine them.  I suspect, however, based on these images, that getting more than $100 may be optimistic.  Slight flaws in the condition such as tears, smears or wrinkles can make them virtually worthless.

I should note that I am not an art or antiques appraiser.  My opinion is based primarily on similar works I have seen for sale at art shows or consignment shops.  You may get a more accurate estimate from a professional appraiser who can have physical access to the items.


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