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How did the colonists feel towards King Charles II?


As with any group of people, different colonists had different feelings about King Charles II.  Thew New England colonies, particularly Massachusetts were run by Puritans, the same group in England that Charles II had overthrown to retake control of the Crown.  The King further alienated them by passing the Navigation Acts which restricted Massachusetts traders from trading with anyone other than England.  Essentially, Massachusetts ignored the government in England and most of the new laws.  The King did not press the issue and things were left in that uneasy stand off.

Colonists in the middle colony of New Amsterdam were particuarly unhappy with King Charles.  After all, he invaded the colony and forced them to become the new British Colony of New York.  But again, the King used a relatively light touch.  He did not force the Dutch colonists to leave or give up much of their local systems.  As long as they took allegence to England, they were allowed to continue in the Colony.

Southern colonies were warmer to the new King.  Virginia had largely been settled by Monarchists who left England after the Purtian Oliver Cromwell took control.  That said, Virginians were not particularly happy with their King appointed Governor.  It was during this period that a rebellion occurred known as Bacon's Rebellion.  But this hostility was directed more at the Governor than the King.  Virginia did not engage in outright rebellion against the King.  Further to the South, colonization of the Carolinias was encouraged under King Charles.  Charleston South Carolina is named after him.

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