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I once read of two millionaire brothers, around the 1880's or 90's, who were practical jokers. Supposedly on one's deathbed he touched the other and said, "You're it".
Is this apocryphal or is there truth and can you tell me more?

Thank you.


Hi Jr:
Sorry, about the wait, I did not receive the original notice.
All I can offer are guesses, some from personal experience rather than academic.
My suggestion is there is probably a 50% chance the story is apocryphal and would be accredited to some pair of brothers such as those of the Dodge family who set up the automobile company - that would have put the 'deathbed' scene into a later era.
We know the Dodge Brothers had a sense of humour.  Perhaps one could research the Ringling Brothers of Circus fame. Volumes I have at hand do not contain information on either set of brothers.  I am being somewhat prejudicial in making the suggestion about the Ringling Brothers simply based on their business.
On the human side we can see two brothers/siblings behaving this way at a deathbed scene because of the fear of death and fear of the unknown when one has to go into the afterlife without the other.
There is a Ringling Brothers Museum in Florida, but when I accessed some information on them, I discovered one died in 1936 which, like the Dodge Brothers, is after the date frame to which your question refers.
All I can suggest is making a list of 'known' wealthy brothers and researching each pair.  That would be extensive and unfortunately not exhaustive (complete) until the researcher finds an actual (verifiable) witnessed account of the happenstance to which the question refers.
Apologies, for not being able to take this further for you.
You are actually within bounds on this site to ask for another respondent to consider the question.  One helpful detail would be to narrow down the geography or general location in which the event is supposed to have occurred.
Bob Matheson, Ontario, Canada

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