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Dear C.M. Aaron

The Distance between point a - starting point to b - ending point i.e. length is 2,232 km. Can people travel using Horses and Jeeps in the wall from point a to point b?. The wall road also looks wide enough.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,
I'm not sure what you mean by the wall road. If you mean the section along the top of the wall, then yes, I agree it appears to be wide enough for a vehicle such as a jeep. But as several of the photographs show, the wall is interrupted periodically by towers with narrow doors wide enough only for a person to walk through.

If your question is of a practical nature because you are planning a trip to China in the near future, I would point out that the wall has not been continuously maintained. Most photographs are of those portions of the wall that tourists regularly visit. The entire wall is not in such good condition. Note the photo in the gallery fifth from the left that shows a poorly maintained portion of the wall where the road is largely overgrown and only a footpath remains.

If your question is theoretical and historical in nature, I doubt that riders rode from one end to the other very often. It may have happened quite often that commanders of one section of wall would send messages to commanders of other sections by mounted courier, and these riders might travel along the top of the wall. A horse can pass through any tower door that a person can go through although the horse would have to slow down and the rider would have to duck. It may have made more sense for the riders to ride on the ground along the China side of the wall.

The width of the wall top is less to allow vehicles or horses to pass and more to allow several ranks of men to stand in fighting formations while defending the wall. While only the men along the fighting front could use their weapons, the fact of being packed in from behind by friendly soldiers made it less likely that the fighting men would run away.

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