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The Distance between point a - starting point to b - ending point i.e. length is 2,232 km. Can people travel using Horses and Jeeps in the wall from point a to point b?. The wall road also looks wide enough.

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The short answer is no.  There are several reasons for this.

First, I'm not sure what length you mean.  The Great Wall is calculated to be 8851.8 kilometers (5500 miles) so I'm not sure if you mean some portion of the wall in what you are discussing.

Second, the wall is very different along its path.  Some have a very large and wide top that could support horses or even a car, but other parts do not.  Some parts of the "Wall" relied on natural barriers such as rivers or mountains rather than man made wall.

Third, much of the Wall is in complete disrepair and has fallen into rubble.  Many bricks were removed during the Cultural Revolution to build houses.  At other points, the Wall has been destroyed to make room for roads or other development.  The segment commonly seen by tourists near Beijing was rebuilt in the 1950's is only about 50 miles long.

Fourth, even on the largest well built part of the wall, there is a guard tower every 100 yards or so that would prevent a horse or car from passing along the top of the wall.

I hope this helps.
- Mike

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