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Imperialism Project
Imperialism Project  
Hi! I'm in 9th grade doing a project on Imperialism in Madagascar, HOWEVER I can't seem to find anything about Madagascar BEFORE Imperialism. PLEASE HELP SOON!!!!

Hi Hannah,
By imperialism I assume you mean the French conquest/occupation/colonization. I have encountered Madagascar once in my readings. That was in a book about piracy in the decades before and after 1700. If you have time, check out "Rebels and Raiders The Golden Age of Piracy" by Frank Sherry. That book says that Madagascar was not inhabited by Africans but by Indonesians. Early Madagascar was visited by both Hindu and Arab traders who established trading colonies on the northern part of the island. This was in the 14th century. The first Europeans to discover the islands were the Portuguese in 1500. In the 1600s the French, English, and Dutch all attempted and failed to establish colonies on Madagascar. Europeans could not survive in the climate and tropical diseases endemic to the island. This information is on pages 86-88.
That's the best I can do for you. Hope it helps.

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