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Provide a definition of "Settler Imperialism". What were some of the ways in which colonists practiced settler imperialism? What were the effects of this imperial strategy to the creation of the Atlantic World?

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Settler Imperialism is when settlers move into an area and settle there, driving out previous inhabitants. In the Atlantic World this refers to European colonists driving out Native Americans.

The most visible way this happened is through war, for instance, King Phillip's War of the 1670s when the colonists of New England drove the last Native American tribes out of New England. Less visible ways included the accidental or intentional introduction of diseases into native populations. Other times the Native Americans were induced to leave by treaties, for instance, William Penn purchased huge portions of Pennsylvania from the native peoples.

The effects of this imperial strategy included the destruction of the native cultures. This imperial strategy was very successful at ensuring the transfer of European culture to North America.

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