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I'm researching a novel set in Ancient Gomorrah.

One of my characters is a male slave who was captured and bought to work in the city.  

He needs to have a slightly different religion than that of the people in Gomorrah but it should be polytheistic.  

Could you give me some ideas about where the slave might have been captured from? (a smaller city would be good and one that is near mountains and caves)

Nearby cities:

Admah was one of the pentapolis of the Vale of Siddim. It was destroyed along with Sodom and Gomorrah. Some believe it to be the same as the "Adam" of Joshua 3:16, a ford of the Jordan river.

Zeboim was one of the "five cities of the plain" of Sodom, generally coupled with Admah. It had a king and was a place of some importance. It was destroyed along with the other cities of the plain.
Zoar, called Bela in Genesis. It was one of the five cities of the plain of Jordan in Genesis, which escaped the fire and brimstone which destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Babylon or Sumer are possibilities, also.

The slave could have also been the child of a slave who had been placed into bondage due to debts or crimes.

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