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QUESTION: Hallo Herr/Mr Nordquist

I would like to ask a question whether german dictator Adolf H. (1933-1945)
had been examined by a psychiatrist in october 1918 or if he had been just physically presented
in psychiatric facility in Pasewalk after/during his temporary blidness.
I have been reading in german wikipedia that it is not proven. But what in history is 100% proven?
Even he wasn't diagnosed with mental illness I just want to know if he was at least there in a psychiatric facility and examined by a psychiatrist. Did he have a mental history ?
Thank you.

ANSWER: I honestly do not know for sure and I do not think anyone does! If I do remember correctly the psychiatrist Hitler is supposed to have met was later killed (murdered) under suspicious circumstances. It is easy to speculate on this subject if for example Hitler wanted to get rid of an embarrassing witness. His blindness caused by a gas attack may have been psychological in nature. Mustard gas CAN cause blindness. But such injuries are indeed severe and take a long time to heal if ever. That does not seem to be the case here. But again without evidence we can only speculate. What we do know with certainty is that psychiatric disorders were not unknown among Hitler's relatives. So I would not be surprised if he had a psychiatric history himself. But unfortunately I do not know.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your opinion. I'd like to ask something else about a book (its link is below).

Do you think that this book is a fiction? For better understanding I just don't know what think because some sources say A.H. was examined by a psychiatrist and others are contrary so I really don't know what to think.
If it's not certain whether Hitler was examined by a psychiatrist is at least the fact that he was in a psychiatric part of Pasewalk hospital ? Or even that he was in Pasewalk is not know ?

Should we regard him as mentally ill only if historians (not doctors of medicine) say he was ill?
Thank you.

First of all I am not a psychiatrist! So I can have no professional opinion either way! I do not KNOW what the truth was with regards to these questions and I do not think anyone else knows either, no one still alive anyway! He may not have been insane in the legal sense. He was most probably a psychopath but that is not regarded as insanity at least not at present.

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