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QUESTION: I would like to ask a question whether german dictator Adolf H. (1933-1945) had been examined by a psychiatrist in october 1918 or if he had been just physically presented in psychiatric facility in Pasewalk after/during his temporary blidness. I have been reading in german wikipedia that it is not proven. But what in history is 100% proven? Even he wasn't diagnosed with mental illness I just want to know if he was at least there in a psychiatric facility and examined by a psychiatrist. Did he have a mental history ? Thank you.

Do you think that this book is a fiction?

ANSWER: The book looks like it could be very interesting for someone who wants to know more about Hitler. I would not call it fiction. It may or may not qualify as good scholarship. The only way to find out is to read it and evaluate the author's proof. It sounds like the author has put many years into his research. One question I have - if the medical files were destroyed and the only witness killed, how did the author come to know what happened at the hospital? It sounds like he has only Hitler's own account of what happened. Even today, psychiatry is an inexact science. I would be skeptical of anyone who claims to know exactly what went on inside Hitler's mind. Still, the book could provide some insight.

You could google the author's name and see if he has any academic credentials. Look for a PhD from a reputable university. Also, see if he has previously published anything and how were those works received? Was any of his work peer reviewed? What did the peer reviewers and other critics have to say about this book or any other published work?


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QUESTION: Thank you for your opinion. I have found out that there was eyewitness Dr.Karl Kroner and he had said it to US intelligence(Hitler had been examined by psychiatrist E.R.) Below is the source of this information.

My question is that if we know that there was eyewitness can we now say that it's finally a fact not a rumour ?
Thank you.

I have to agree with this quote from the article you linked to:

"Iíve no idea how useful these reports ever were but they probably tell us more about the trends in psychology of the time than anything about the Nazi leaderís mind."

The OSS psychological profile of Hitler was drawn up without any direct observation or examination of Hitler, so I'd be very skeptical of anything they said. The prediction that he would commit suicide was probably just a lucky guess. The claim that he was impotent or a repressed homosexual is very common about any middle-aged man who never married. An equally viable explanation for why he never married might be that before WWI he was too poor and lazy to support a wife, and after WWI he was too ambitious to let himself be distracted by a family. In the 1940s, homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Today, no reputable psychiatrist would consider that.

I have heard elsewhere that Hitler was examined by a psychiatrist in October or November 1918 because of his temporary blindness which was probably psychosomatic. His blindness was probably not caused by any mental health issue he had before the war, but was more likely the result of wartime stress, what in WWI was called shell shock, in WWII was called combat fatigue, and today might be called PTSD. Whether the psychological exam in 1918 detected any other mental health issues in Hitler, I can not say. Psychiatry was a new branch of medicine in 1918 so psychiatrists were still figuring things out. See the quote above.


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