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Hello sir,
I have always been interested in knowing the facts about the stuff that I come across in books. And recently I read in a book that the city Srinagar (in Jammu&Kashmir state, India) was called the same even during 1900 BC. I would love to know if that is in fact true and will be enormously grateful if you can help me in finding the answer.
Thank you for your time !

P.S- If you could let me know the websites where I can find such information, that would be awesome !


I should say at the outset that I do not have particular expertise in Indian history, but I will be happy to share what I know.

From what I have found, Sringar was established during the first Century BC by the Mauryan king or emperor Ashoka.  At the time, it was called Puranadhisthan.  Some sources, date its founding back to the third century BC, but I have not found anything older than that.  It it also not clear from these sources when it started to use the name Srinagar.  But since the name seems to be Hindu in origin, it is likely that it took the name at a period when Hindu influence took control over the earlier Buddist influence.

As you can see the sites I have found are not exactly academic quality, but they do seem to represent the general understanding of the city's origins.

- Mike

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