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hi how you?Besides the revolutionary war, the war of 1812,the civil war,world war one and two, the korean wa war, the vitenam war,gulf war,irag war,and afghanastan war.Are there any other wars that the us has been involved in.Ive been trying to get a list of wars that the us has been in.


In listing all US wars, part of this depends on your definitions.  If you are talking only about actions in which there was a formal declaration of War by Congress, you need to add the Mexican War and the Spanish-American War to your list.  You would need to remove the Revolution, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, Iraq, Afghan wars from your list as there were not formal declarations for those wars.

If you want to include wars that had some vote of Congressional authorization of hostilities, but not a formal declaration of war, you could add back or include:

The Quasi-War with France
First Barbary War    
Second Barbary War    
The military occupation of Veracruz in 1914.
Military intervention in the Russian Civil War of 1918
US Military Intervention in Lebanon in 1958
Vietnam War
US Military Intervention in Lebanon in 1983
First Persian Gulf War
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War

There were also several wars in which the US participated via authorization by the United Nations.  These include:

The Korean War
US Military Intervention in Lebanon in 1978 (of which the 1983 action was really a continuing part)
Bosnian War (1992)
Attack on Libya (2011)

The Revolutionary war was never declared a war as neither the US Congress nor the Constitution granting powers to declare war existed yet.

The Civil War was never declared a war as the winning side (the North) did not consider the enemy (the South) to be an outside power.  Rather, this was a law enforcement action to put down acts of treason in southern states.  That said, it was certainly treated like a war for all intents and purposes.

There are also probably more than 100 undeclared wars or at least acts of war against mostly smaller countries in Latin America or the Pacific or against Indian tribes.  Many of these actions are discussed here:

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