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Our teacher assigned us to write an essay for my world history class and the topic is " To what extent was the formation of the Roman republican government influenced directly by the ideology of a Greek Democracy"
Could you please just tell me 2-3 vague reasons on how the roman republican govt. was influenced by the Greek democracy and how much it was influenced (partially, completely, etc.). I will read my textbook and do online research to elaborate on the given reasons ( I will NOT just copy your answer, besides my essay has to be at least 2-3 pages long). If you have time, any extra additional information on the reasons would be much appreciated but it is COMPLETELY OKAY if you do not have time.
Thank you and any answers you have are greatly appreciated


Greece indisputably had an ongoing influence on Roman culture, religion, politics and other facets of life.  But the original formation of the Roman republic did not have a clear relationship to Greek Democracy.  

Generally speaking, the Roman Republic was founded in 509 BC when the last of the Roman Kings was overthrown and the Roman Senate was created.  At that time, there was some interaction between Greece and Rome, primarily for commercial trade, but not the level of social and political interaction that came decades later.

Further, although Democracy in the Greek city states developed slowly and over time, many place the birth of Athenian Democracy to the rise of Cleisthenes, who came to power in 508 BC, a year after the Roman republic was founded.  If anything, contact between the two cultures likely influenced each other.  

Greek influence on the evolution of the Roman republic became much stronger centuries later, in second century BC when many Greek philosophers came to Rome, many becoming instructors for elite Roman youth.  But if you are talking about the formation of the republic, I would say the Greeks had little, if any, influence.

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