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QUESTION: Hi, thanks for the answer. The next question I have is do you think the Roman government might fall again? If so, why?

ANSWER: There is no longer a Roman government, so it cannot fall again.

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QUESTION: Thank you for responding. The next question I have is why was the fall so significant?

ANSWER: The Empire had meant centuries of relatively unified control of most of Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Northern Africa.  It created a stable society that led to the development of science, the arts, education and other improvements.  The fall of the Empire meant that most of the area fell under the control of warlords (who usually called themselves princes or kings) who controlled a small region and battled with neighboring warlords.  With much more focus on military threats from next door, there was little development of the benefits of civilization for the next thousand years.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for answering my interview questions. I really appreciate it. The last question I have is do you think the fall happened for the better nature of Rome? If so, why?

I think the people who mostly benefited from the fall of Rome were the people who had been fighting the Romans.  For most people living under the protection of Rome and benefiting from the advancements of civilization suffered as a result.  Rome the city became a much more difficult place to live.  People had much harder lives.  There are always some people who benefit personally from a change in any power structure, but overall people suffered more as a result of the fall.

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