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I have a court trial on monday for world history class, and the case is whether Genghis Khan and the Mongols were inhumane or not.
I am on the prosecuting side, and i have to prove that he was bad.
One of the defense witnesses I have to cross-examine is a Chinese trader on the Silk Roads. This was particularly one of Genghis Khan's good traits, as he contributed to the spread of ideas, products, and the rise of China's economy. Is there any underlying disadvantage or counter statement that I can make or question the witness about in favor of my side? Thank you so much!

you could mention the fate of such cities as Samarkhnd (1220 AD) and Merv (1221 AD), both on the Silk Road, as an example of Genghis Khan's attitude towards those who resisted him, ask the trader whether these acts actually improved conditions on the Silk Road or, instead, made them worst by depopulating key cities.  

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