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Alexis de Tocquerville wrote at 2013-10-18 18:24:47
The Poll Tax as it was implemented in the South was indeed discriminatory because it was intended to deny a specific race of the right to vote. But, the idea of the poll tax is to ensure that voters are vested in the government elected.

LBJ's signing of the 24th Amendment ensured that those who are not vested in financially supporting their government could reap financial rewards from it.  It also ensured that voters could be bought with such "benefits" by career politicians.  Some believe that this began the decline of the USA, and will ensure its failure as a democratic republic.  

In Alexis De Toquerville's Democracy in America, he wrote "America's experiment at democracy shall last only as long at it takes its citizens to realize they are being bribed with their own money".  In the case of the 24th Amendment, poor voters could now be bribed with the monies of those who pay taxes and are vested in their government.

Instead of eliminating a poll tax, we would be better off as a nation if the Amendment had been standardized and uniformly applied across all states.

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