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ItalianIrishDude wrote at 2006-11-28 21:10:20
Let's clear some things up. David Grey didn't kidnap Laura - Stavros did. While searching for Laura, Luke was told that she was seen on a boat - from there the other Laura, Laura Templeton, and her sister, Jackie Templeton, came into the show and they all started looking for Laura Spencer. I believe David Grey claimed to have kidnapped Laura Spencer (can't remember why), but he was after the sword and helmet of some fake country, Mascadar or something. He stole them from a museum and put up a hologram showing everyone the sword and helmet were still there. Luke does kill him with the sword. Laura returns. Laura leaves. Laura returns. Laura leaves. Laura returns. Laura leaves.

Steve wrote at 2007-08-01 02:22:35
David Grey came to Port Charles to steal the treasures of Moldavia - being exhibited in the Port Charles Museum. He had a lacky who was a photographer dating Laura Templeton (sister of Jackie Templeton- played by Demi Moore). David didnt like the time the photographer was wasting on Laura T - so he arranged to have her kidnapped/killed. Unfortunately his minions grabbed the wrong blonde named Laura and took Laura Spencer. Unfortunate for him as this put Luke on his case. Ultimately Luke twarted his attempt to steal the treasure -- and in one of the most under remembered scenes ever -- Luke took the sword of moldavia and pointed it at David and activated its magic qualities blasting him out a window to his death.

zeposgrave wrote at 2008-04-08 00:44:03
These synopsis' are all pretty much acurate. It was Malcuth. The sword and Helmet of Malcuth. It was wishy washy who took Laura. At the Time Genie Francis was on Coke and had to leave the show. David Grey was ultimatly responsible for her disappearance, however, when Laura returned in 1983, Gloria Monty added that David Grey had Laura Transported to an Island to be Stavros' bride. During several shows in 1982 Grey tried to convince Luke that Laura had drowned. If he told Luke of some Island off the coast of Greece, Luke would have taken off, and Grey would have had his treasues. But as we all knew in those days, the bad guys never won.

c britton wrote at 2008-07-09 00:49:08
Paul Rossilli is still alive as of 2002 I believe he lives in San Diego, he was actually born in Newark, NJ

Oed wrote at 2008-10-10 14:37:00
David Grey actually worked for the Cassadines.  When Laura returned from the dead the first time in 83, she told Luke that David Grey kidnapped her off the pier and transferred her into the Cassadine's hands.

Becca B 1 wrote at 2010-09-14 16:04:30
A very nice person has now uploaded all episodes of Luke VS. David Gray that should answer all questions. and yes Paul Rossilli is alive and now in the radio business.  

Lucy Johnson wrote at 2011-01-15 00:39:36
in 1982  David Grey came to Port Charles to steal the treasures of Malcuth - being exhibited in the Port Charles Museum. The treasures belonged to the Prince of Malcuth but the Ambassador of Malcuth was in charge of them at the museum. David was the first son of the leader of Malcuth but was banished when they found him involved in a cult. He wanted to steal the Helmet and Sword of Malcuth, so he could regain his power and take leadership of Malcuth. He had a lacky, Mel, who was a photographer dating Laura Templeton (sister of Jackie Templeton- played by Demi Moore). David didnt like the time the photographer was wasting on Laura T - and didn't want her to know too much so he had planned to watch her and keep her in line by hypnotizing her. He didn't realize Mel was involved with two Laura's at the time. Laura T, the one he was dating and Laura S the one he had been photographing for the Miss Star Eyes campaign. He realized too late that he had been following the wrong Laura and felt the need to get rid of her. He caught her alone on the piers one foggy night and hypnotized her and sent her on a boat that drifted out to sea and got hit by ship. Everyone in town thought she had drowned, and claimed her dead. We didn't find out till 83' when Laura returned that David Grey wanted to get rid of her, in fear she knew too much, and the Cassadines wanted to kidnap her so David Grey hypnotized her and sent her to the boat so the Cassidines could kidnap her and stage her death. BUT Luke knew DG was responsible for Laura's dissapearence and vowed revenge. Luke, Robert, Jacki and Tiffany followed and watched DG carefully to get dirt on him. Luke, Robert, and Tiffany wanted to know what he did with Laura S. And Jacki wanted to get her sister away from David Grey. When Luke found out for sure that David had caused Laura to die he had to get back at him. The gang finally realized why David was in Port Charles. They knew he had plans to steal treasures from the museum. So Robert got hired as head security by the owner of the museum, Mr. Forbes.

David realized Laura was a big problem and was scared she would get him caught so he erased her memory of him and let her go back to her sister. David and Mel were going to use holograms to steal the treasures, with a machine Mel had made so when the treasures were gone nobody would notice. David was working with two other men, and they were unaware of who the other was. He promised once he got the treasures he would reveal them to one another but not until. One man was called Magus and was over David. If David did't get the treasures, he promised death.

Robert and Luke caught David in the act of stealing the treasures while working security, but David got away with the helmet. Luke managed to get the sword from him and hide it. Robert tried to involve the World Security Bureau he couldn't get much info out Agent Masters, the head of WSB.

-Finally David and his lackeys came to steal back the sword. David Grey held Luke, Robert, Tiffany, Jacki, Laura S, Blacki Parrish, and Slick Jones hostage on the Haunted Star during one of Luke's show nights. until Luke would hand over the sword. David's lackey's pretended to be workers and allowed a couple of the hostages to tend to Luke's crowd but warned them if they said a word everyone would die. Finally when Luke gave in to David's orders in fear of his friends lives the Magus showed up. David introduced Magus and the ambassador of Malcuth to each other as his partners. When Luke saw the Ambassador he was stunned to see he was really working for Grey. Then when the Maggus showed up his identity as WSB agent Masters was revealed, and he felt no hope of wining. He felt betrayed. After the third identity was revealed to Masters, as the Ambassador, he finally revealed he was not really on David's side. He was really a double agent ready to take him down. He had only waited to learn the identity of the third man. Then Masters and the WSB opened fire on David Grey and his men. When David Grey realized the Magus had betrayed him he took the helmet and sword and ran. Luke followed him and got the sword away once again. Pointing the sword straight at David Grey, the power was too much and killed him, then causing him to fall out of a window. Luke finally had avenged his wife. The WSB got all of David Grey's men out of the Star without injuring any of the guest. They then arrested all the men and The Ambassador.  

JJ wrote at 2014-08-04 18:44:10
The actor who played David Gray is Paul Rossilli. He is still alive and working in media and radio, although as far as I can see, he hasn't been in films lately.  

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