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please help, im new in cisco. e0 network is e1 network is

i connect a PC to e1, i can ping devices in e1 network and can ping e0 port ip which is

however i cant ping any other device connected to e0 network like etc

please help me..

thanks in advance.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question.

I've run a simulation of your network and think the problem
stems from the PC's.
You can ping all the interfaces on the router as the router
knows where the interfaces reside and which IP addresses
they are using. You can ping local LAN's as they are just that -
local and don't need to escape the network to ping other devices.
However, when you try to ping outside the PC's network i.e.
from 192 to 10 it fails. This is because some or all the PC's do
not have a default gateway (or wrong default gateway).
Give the PC's on network 10 a gateway
IP address the same as the Router interface i.e. (if that
is the 10 network router interface) and give the PC's on the
192 network a gateway address of

Now give it a try.

Good luck



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