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My college has internet facility in campus and i get about 500kbps to 1Mbps in college internet cafe. the same connection is given to my college wifi. everyone here used to get the same speed before. but now they have limited to 100kbps. the speed never exceeds 100kbps in my college wifi. is there any way to increase it??? its a proxy connection in my college.

Hi, and thanks for your question.

It's almost certainly no way to increase the WiFi speed on your own.  The college is likely limiting the speed of the WiFi connection purposely, probably to conserve a limited bandwidth internet connection.  The only way to change this would be at the source of the bottleneck.  This is generally done at the wireless access point.  Without administrative access to the network infrastructure components, there is not way to increase the connection speed.

I would suggest contacting the college help desk to see if they know of a fix, and if not to request an increase in WiFi bandwidth.  If enough students and faculty complain, they may be pressured to increase the speed.

Sorry not to be more help.


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