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My name is Ryan Wetzbarger and my major is Associates of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science/Networking.  I am A+ Certified and have some work experience with repairing computers and accessories.  My goal is to earn additional IT certificates such as Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNA Security, Linux, and Security+.  I want to troubleshooting, fix, and maintain computers and servers for a living. I want to be a Computer Technician. When I have more experience in IT support, I want to be a Network Administrator. With an Associates Degree, additional certificates, and experience, I don't think a four years degree is necessary.  What do your advice?

Hi Ryan,

I can help you with the Network Administrator element of
your question as I used to be such.

Cisco CCNA is a desirable qualification and employers
are encouraged to employ qualified staff as there are
benefits for them in doing so.
If you consider your ultimate goal is to become a Network Admin
then the Cisco qualification path is, without doubt, where I
would focus my learning. I would strongly suggest that in
order to stand out and gain a very broad range of
experience you aim ultimately for Cisco CCNP certification.
It's no picnic but CCNP certification speaks volumes and
carries respect in the Networking industry.
Check out the Cisco website -

All the best,

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