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How do we create a Network of 100 Computers from scratch?
One building, divided in 3 stories. I want to creat a network of 100 computers in this one building.
How many Routers, Switches and Hubs do i need? how many Straight and cross over cables do i need? and what kind of topologies to implement?. Do i need a server ? What protocol to implement?
What i am asking here is to know each step involved in the creation of a 100 nodes network in our new office.
I am preparing my CCNA and studied a lot but i never created a network only i worked on GNS3 and Packet Tracer.
I will appreciate if any Network Expert reply me of the step by step procedure here. Pardon me for Grammer and vocabulary.
Thanks for your time.

Depending on number of users you need to decide on switches. Normal switch will have 24 you can get the number of switches. 25 users - 2 switches...21 users - 1 switch,... You get the point...

if its a LAN you don;t need a router.. If you have to connect to internet you would need one more switch//router from Service provider and you are good to go.

You would need equal number of straight cables to connect PCs to switches...Patch cables if you have a communication closet. Cross cables to connect switch to switch.

You need any servers if you have to provide any services like mail, authentication, portal etc.

You can go for simple BUS topology since its a small flat network.

Hope this helps. Let ne know if you need more information,

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