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I want to set up a WIFI system to provide internet for the people where I live and charge them some money too. the area where i want to be under coverage is around 2 Km in radius (for starting may be 1 km or even less)! i searched the internet for devices and solution but could not find a proper way to do so because my budget is limited! please advice me how can i do it in a cheaper and also efficient way?   


Hello Shoaib,

Thank you for your question. What you are trying to do is basically WISP (Wireless Service Provider) that can be done in various ways. None of them is going to be cheap or simple. For starter you may be violating your ISP rules - check with them before doing anything. You need to have a direct line of sight between you and your clients. In order to get a decent propagation of signal you will need an outdoor antenna and there are many types to choose from. The consumer Router/Access Point will not do the job due to its week signal and lack of authentication.
To enhance your knowledge of this subject please read the Forum at DSLRepors here: the more you read the better you will understand the complexity and the cost of this project. Keep in mind
that each potential customer has to be setup with username, password, and security policy to boot. I don't know of any affordable Access Point that can support more than 32 clients.
Here is a link to company that provides parts for WISP and can be found here: they ship anywhere I think.  
One more item for consideration's RADIUS Server to authenticate the users or you will lose revenues and risk breach of your network.

I hope that I help you as you can see it's not a simple task and the cost can be easily reach thousands of dollars.


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