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I have created a server with centos and cpanel installled. This has a lan ip of ifconfig on the server confirms this. A firewall is installed but disabled at present

I have my laptop which i wish to be able to access the server via a browser. if i go to my gateway ip which is then this brings up my router page.

If i go to - default server page or - whm panel login i just get page not found.

I have preformed a ping test from my laptop and i can ping the server at ping and the results are good.

I really need to be able to connect via the browser and I cannot see why this is not returning the server in the browser. Do you have any ideas.

Kind regards

Hi Stuart, and thanks for your question.

According to this page:

you should be accessing your CPanel server with the URL:

note the "https" instead of "http" and port 2087 instead of 2086.

If that doesn't work, then I think the problem is definitely on the server side, given that the Ping works.  Here is the official troubleshooting documentation for CPanel:

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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