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Jeff K wrote at 2013-01-26 03:19:26
Usually I agree 100% w/ Scott but in this case, the issue is that the router probably has only a single default route.  So it is forwarding your packets toward the Internet and therefore they are failing.

So ... just setup a STATIC route in the router so that packets destined for are FORWARDED to 192.168.0.X (whatever it is).  

It would be also best to manually set the WAN side IP of the 2nd router, so that it can't possibly change over time, rather than allowing it to use DHCP from router A (looks like the 2nd router is "probably set to" but I can't be sure - just check it's setup to see what it has gotten - you will be able to connect to the GUI if you connect your PC to the inside LAN port.

ALSO - most routers by default do NOT allow wan-side connections to the GUI.  So, you'll need to change this in the admin config.

I hope this helps!

Jeff K

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