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QUESTION: Hello Scott.
I am trying to create a hardwired network in my home for multiple point internet access. A couple of years ago I installed a couple of rj45 modules into the wall and hardwired them using cat5e cable. At the other end then I then connected the cat5e cable into rj45 jack plugs and then plugged that into the back of my router. It didnt work.
I am now picking up the challenge again and was wondering if this principle will work and i have just wired it up wrong or if this principle will not work.
WOuld I need to get some more rj45 modules and hardwire them wire for wire as per the room plates?
Any advice would be great,
Many thanks


ANSWER: Hi James,

Many thanks for your question.
The principle looks sound - you will need a crossover
Ethernet cable from the Host to the Router.
The Router may be able to detect what type of cable
you are using and adjust accordingly (using MDIX)
if it has that feature. If it does not have that feature
I would suggest that perhaps you check your connections
again ensuring they are good.

Hope this helps,



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Many thanks for reply, and apologies for not getting back sooner. I am making my own cable using cat5e. How do I make this a crossover? And what colour cable sequence should I use for the rj45 plug and wht colour for the faceplate?
Thanks again!

Hi James,

Thanks for your follow up.

Here's a link that will explain the configuration
of the crossover cable. The faceplate will remain
as is.

Best Regards,


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