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Hi, I acquired this PC from my brother. I am using an Actiontec Powerline adapter to plug an Ethernet cable form into the Ethernet on this PC. But it says no connection. I know I am missing something in the settings. I have powered down my modem and router
and turned them on consecutively. Any basic tips for what else I might try to eliminate what my hurdle is to connecting?

Thank you.

Hi JT, and thanks for your question.

You don't say if the Powerline adapter is verified to work on another device.  That's the first step - try the adapter on another computer, preferable connected in the same place.  If that works, then the problem is in the computer.  If not, then the problem is in the Powerline adapter setup.

Try the computer with an ethernet cable connected directly to the router, bypassing the Powerline adapter entirely.  This will verify that the computer network adapter is working and the networking is set up properly as well.  If it fails, then you need to troubleshoot the computer.  Look for an indicator light on the network connection - if there's none, then the ethenet port, the cable, or router port is bad.  If you get a link light but no internet connection, you'll need to check the configuration of the network.  How you do that depends on what operating system is running on the computer.

If the Powerline adapter seems to be the problem, make sure both ends of the adapter are plugged directly into a wall socket, and not into a power strip or surge suppressor.  Try the adapter in the the same room as the router end connection; if it works them, you may have a wiring problem that prevents the Powerline adapter from working where you set it up.

Here's the install guide:

and some FAQs:

Good luck, and I hope this helps,


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