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QUESTION: We a small firm with nearly 100 terminals spread across 5 branches we have a windows update server but i cant get any it to see any of the other branches terminals other then head office.

might it have to do with the way we separate the branches by ip address for example head office is and the other other branches are and etc. I have checked and any info i could find says that the wsus should be able to find all the terminals in the network

any suggestions on how to add all the rest of the branches terminals so i can manage the updates for head office

ANSWER: Hi James,

Thanks for your question.
I wonder whether you could tell me what
subnet mask you are using for each network.
(i.e. possibly ?)



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QUESTION: Yes that is the correct subnet for all

Hi James,

Thanks for your follow up -
that has cleared up one possible routing problem.

I think we'd need to do some reachability tests
to the branches from HO.
I will presume the WSUS is at the HO.

Can you ping any of the branches hosts from the HO?

If the ping fails then we'd need to try a traceroute
from HO to branches, thus (from windows command prompt i.e.dos):


...and so on.

Look for message 'Destination net unreachable' and see
which IP was the last successful to respond. This will be the point
where the WSUS fails to connect.
If you are seeing the unreachable message then I suggest there's
a routing issue and I can try to troubleshoot that for you if
I can see the routers configuration. If you're not comfortable with
sharing that information then ensure the routing protocol you are
using (i.e EIGRP, RIP, OSPF etc) are advertising all the networks
in your firm.

Best Regards,

Scott McQueen.  

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